Human Exposure to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: A Literature Survey for Research Planning (DRAFT FOR PUBLIC COMMENT)

HEI-Energy Research Committee
Special Report 2

This report surveys the literature about environmental exposures associated with unconventional oil and natural gas development (UOGD). The Energy Research Committee conducted the survey as part of a larger effort to understand the current state of the science on UOGD exposures and their potential health effects. The Committee will use results from this survey, and a companion review of epidemiology literature, to inform HEI-Energy’s planning for future research to better understand exposures associated with UOGD.

To learn more about the reports and how they will be used, check out this factsheet.

The form below provides an opportunity for you and other interested parties to comment on the report and share research recommendations. The Energy Research Committee will consider all comments in its preparation for a research solicitation to be released in late 2019.

Comment period closes October 3, 2019.

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